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tile ottawaA Touch of Class
Throughout the ages marble has been used to build and decorate some of the most beautiful and famous structures in the world. Ancient Romans would use this stone not only for its beauty, but also for its ability to stand throughout the ages. Today, we still have similar reasons for its use, but we have far more advanced methods of installing it in the home. Marble tiles add an instant touch of class and elegance to any room they are placed in and will create a space that you will want to show off to company time and again.
What is Marble?
This natural stone takes millions of years to create through a process of fusion. The main component base is made of limestone, with many veins of quartz, sand, clay and other materials woven throughout, which create the intricate wispy patterns that are unique to each piece. These elements are compressed over vast amounts of time and under enormous pressure to create the beautiful marble we know today. Of course, it does not come out of the ground looking quite so polished, nor does it come in perfect tile-sized shapes for our personal use, so some processing is done after excavation to make the stone ready for use in the home.
Attractive Features
Some folks may find it surprising to know that marble comes in many other shades than the off-white colour that so many of us associate it with. Depending on where in the world it is refined, the natural stones can be infused with a number of different minerals, thereby taking on shades of red, blue, grey and green. Since it is actually highly suited for staining, unfinished marble can be glazed with any number of polishing topcoats, giving it unlimited potential to match your home decor if you do not wish to change the colour scheme of your interior design.
Care and Maintenance
Since marble is a stone, it is naturally quite tough and is impervious to water damage. When properly taken care of, the life of this product will probably outlast that of the home, meaning that long after structural renovations of the home occur, the marble tiles will still be in place, looking just like they did on the day they were purchased. Taking the following few precautions will greatly assist in maintaining the life of your tiles:
Polish – Marble needs a polishing coat to finish the product and protect it from discolouration. This needs to only be done a few times for upkeep, but is very important. White marble will easily pick up a coffee stain if not polished which can be very difficult to get out.
Scrapes and Cuts – Marble tiles are very strong but are susceptible to damage if proper care is not taken. If using marble in the kitchen, be sure to take advantage of a cutting board so as to not scratch the counter, or if used on the floor make sure not to drag items across it or wear stiletto heels as it may damage the finish.
When treated with care, marble tiles will provide you with a lifetime of beauty. Contact a local supplier today and get started on your vision to incorporate timeless class into your home.